Storm King Art Center Proposal – Jenny + Scott

August 30, 2019

Engagement, Proposal

Scott and I worked on finding the perfect spot at Storm King for him to propose to Jenny during the week leading up to this special moment. When I thought about Storm King, one of the spots that came right to mind is the columns that look over the lawn with some of Storm King’s most famous sculptures. When the day came, they drove up from the city in the afternoon to what Jenny thought was a fun day trip upstate to view some art. Little did she know that Scott was planning to not only propose to her, but have me there and have all of their friends and family waiting for them to have a party. I loved being a part of this exciting moment of their relationship and loved capturing their proposal!

Side note, you might see that there were two angles to some of the photos I took and you might be wondering, how was Alex in two spots in the same moment… well that’s because I brought along my sweet husband, Damian, to photograph it with me as he’s taken interest in learning photography. So if you have an engagement session with me this year, you might be seeing him tag along and give you some cool bonus photos at your sessions 🙂

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